6 Ways To Show Off Your Cat's Meows At Home

If you're looking for ways to display your Cat's Meows...look no farther!
The following home photos were just a few posted by proud Cat's Meow owners in one of our "Share Your Photo" Facebook contests.

1) Mandie found a wooden quilt shelf that fits perfectly over her windows.

Home Photo: Mandie Michniewicz


2) Bernice made her boardwalk shelves by cutting and gluing craft sticks to 1x1 pieces of pine.

Home Photo: Bernice Prescott


3) Lynn shared her photo showing Cat's Meows work perfectly on an antique shelf.

Home Photo: Lynn Weimer


4) Miho shows off her collection of memories on IKEA picture ledges. 

Home Photo: Miho Yoshii


5) A bookcase filled with books still offers plenty of room for Cat's Meows in Chris' home.

Home Photo: Chris Von Ins


6) At Cat's Meow we've used an antique store find to display Cat's Meows mixed with plants and a photo.

Photo: Cat's Meow Village



Bonus - 7) Sandra says, "I took my set [of West Coast Michigan Lighthouses] to work to show them off and everyone loved them.  I think I’m going to buy another set to have here at home." She found the purrfect ledge to perch her Cat's Meows to enjoy at work!





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I will place mine on the wood trim above the French doors because I also rent at a CCRC.
Hi Sneaky2, our Cat's Meows fit naturally on the trim above doorways. Makes it nice for decorating without putting holes in walls! Thanks for sharing!
I’d love to show you the shelves my husband made for me to display my collection. Not sure how to attach a picture.
Hi there Robin, We always love seeing and sharing Cat's Meow displays. You can email them to us at cmv@catsmeow.com, or share them at facebook.com/thecatsmeowvillage.
A neighbor showed me how to display my Cat's Meow village pieces. Our homes have lintels over the doors between rooms and over the coat closet. Mine are now lined with Cat's Meow pieces.
Sue, you have the perfect location for displaying Cat's Meows!! Thanks for sharing!
I have 483 houses. My oldest dates back to 1985. My husband had designed window boxes in my house to display them along with a wall shelf that looked like a barn. In my new home of 6 years, I have less wall space but still have one wall with a multi-rack display. Others are on cabinets. I change them around more now. Visitors love to see what is new, especially for the major holidays.
Thanks for sharing Mary Anne. Sounds like you've made Cat's Meow a family project! We bet your displays looked great! You can always share photos with us on our Facebook page or email them to cmv@catsmeow.com, and we will share them with others.
I love your wood carvings, do you personalize your buildings cut outs? would like to know more and prices. thank you john dandois
Hi John, yes we do create customized Cat's Meows. You can find all the info on how to do this here: https://www.catsmeow.com/create-your-own/i-want-create-cats-meow-my-home
I have purchased these over the years remembering my travels. You have so many--but none from Disney World. I would love to see the Castle, Epcot, and a tram. I hope these are in the future.
Hi, we recently had a dear friend pass away suddenly and she left our family in charge of her home and selling it etc. I have been the blessed recipient of 386 Cats Meow collectibles. I have 280 of them on all my doorways. It has taken weeks to learn about the collections and place them in their series. They look very nice on our doorways but we still have 100 left and I wonder what is the best way to share these, sell them to people who truly value the merit of these pieces? I really don't know best forum and don't want to do EBay? But, if that is the best way for collectors to find something they might enjoy? I guess I'm not opposed to that idea. I am not thrilled with cataloging, taking pictures etc of all these extra random houses. Any suggestions? We love the pieces we kept and have put them in some semblance of order but many more left we would like to share? Thank you for letting me post. I thought going right to the web site was best, given the emotional gratitude we have for having part of our friends life here in our home, but can't bear throwing away these other hundreds pieces. My best. Kristin.
If you have historical pieces or ones that would bring back memories or local icons, museums love these - we have them in our museum of various local historical buildings.
Hi Linda, thanks for sharing this from the museum point of view. Citizens out there in the Village... when you are ready to pass along your Cat's Meows, consider donating local ones to a local museum or library. You're helping to preserve history!
Hi Kristin, wow, you have such a nice memory of your friend around you every day! We believe eBay is probably the best place to go, however, we do also recommend you look to donate them to a second-hand shop who supports a cause in your local area or check about donating them to a local school library if you have Cats Meows of local or national history.
Dear Friends at Cats Meow. I am still excited to see all the new pieces today as I was when I bought my first Cats Meow pieces back in 1988.I just have to be more selective as I have limited space to display them now. still love and tresure all of them.Phyllis
Thanks for sharing Phyllis! We're happy the village continues to bring you enjoyment!
I have a friend who displays the houses on her window sill, and I display mine along the border around my kitchen counter. My border sticks just far enough for me to place them there.
You and your friend have found the perfect Cats Meow display locations in your homes! Thanks for sharing!
Love love these

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