How To Display Cat's Meows On A Step Shelf

Looking for a way to display your Cat's Meow shelf sitters?
Try using our 24" wide Step Shelf. It's made even easier with Command hanging strips.
Applying Command hanging strips to the back of a Cat's Meow 24" wide Step Shelf for hanging
All ready to hang
Hanging the Step Shelf level on the wall
Now for the Cat's Meow keepsakes...humm what do we have here?
A collection of 10 to 12 large and small Cat's Meow shelf sitters fills the Step Shelf quite nicely!
Arranging the Cat's Meow keepsakes on the 24" wide Step Shelf
We're almost done arranging our lighthouse Cat's Meow shelf sitters
There it is! Our new Cat's Meow display!
And there you have it!
A new Cat's Meow display on your wall within 30 minutes! Now you can have lots of
family and friends time sharing and talking about the memories your Cat's Meows represent.

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