A House For All Seasons

Here's a unique way to preserve memories of your home in every season. 

Cindy considers her home to be her Happy Place...so much so that she asked us to create five Cat's Meow keepsakes of it! One version for each season, plus a Halloween one designed in Cat's Meow style. Her son worked with her to get the perfect photo of the front of their home and all the little details she wanted to represent each season.


Tom, her husband, let the project to Cindy and son, and sat back to wait on the special delivery.

Tom and Cindy holding their Happy Place

Tom and Cindy were both delighted with the Cat's Meow creations of their home.


Cindy's photo we designed from

This is the original photo provided by Cindy. A simple straight-on photo works perfectly for designing.


Cat's Meow step-shelf holding 3 versions of Tom and Cindy's home.

Three seasons of Tom and Cindy's home displayed on a Cat's Meow step-shelf.


Photo of close up detail of Tom and Cindy's home

Look really close at this photo...do you see the Golden Retrievers? Cindy added Torin, Marley, and Autumn to her Cat's Meow designs because the dogs were a big part of the family's life.


Halloween decorated version of Tom and Cindy's home

Cindy loves the Cat's Meow Halloween Collection and wanted their home designed in Halloween style, complete with ghosts, bats, and spiders.


Photo of what a story looks like on the back of a Cat's Meow My World customized design.

Cindy also wrote stories that are printed on the back of each one of their homes.

  • Spring: Our home is a feeling of belonging together. It is the laughter, memories, and most of all, love. God gives to us the gift that only grows more meaningful with time.
  • Summer: The days are warm, the skies are a bright blue, and the leaves on the trees are in full bloom. This house welcomes our family to come home for the summer.
  • Fall: We gather together to laugh, cry, and share in abounding joy. With grateful hearts we are happy to call this place our home.
  • Halloween version: The glow from a jack o' lantern's grin illuminates the path for trick-or-treaters on this dark evening. Eerie sounds echo within and around this haunted home. Knock if you dare.
  • Winter: Our home at Christmas brings the love of family, the celebration of faith, and the satisfaction of giving to create happy memories that last a lifetime.
Entire collection of Cindy and Tom's home created for every season
Cindy found it easy to craft her home the Cat's Meow way!
Using our ONLINE ORDER PAGE, we make it easy for you, too. Just follow the directions from start to finish, including uploading photos and writing your own personal story for the back. For under $100 you can hold in your hand a wooden, handcrafted in the USA, heirloom replica of your home. The price drops as you purchase more pieces of the same design...like one for each person who has lived in your home! 




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This is a beautiful, special and unique keepsake. This would be a great remembrance gift for your children! A Cat's Meow piece provides a small treasure for the years to come. My Cat's Meow collection of special memories provides much happiness to my family and me.
What a grand idea to celebrate the seasons in their family home. Our home has certainly weathered the seasons of the years and the seasons of our lives.

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