Tallgrass Prairie Natl Preserve, Strong City, KS

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Wooden replica of Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve sign in the Flint Hills region of Kansas. Handcrafted by The Cat's Meow Village in the USA.


The experience here in the tall grass is natural and rustic compared to other national parks. This park preserves a small chunk of the tallgrass prairies that once covered the central part of the United States.

The 10,894 acres of this park offers 40 miles of maintained hiking trails and narrated bus tours that explain the Native American history, ranching legacy, and ecosystem. This peaceful parkland also includes a ranch and one-room schoolhouse. In 2009, Bison were introduced to the park and play an important role in the ecosystem.   

Add our wooden replica of the Tallgrass Prairie park sign to your home decor to remind you of the walk back in time you took in this Preserve. 

We handcraft it from 3/4" thick wood with colorful details on the front and a short story on the back.

See the black cat? He's our mascot, Casper. That's how you know you have an authentic Cat's Meow keepsake.

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