Friendship Star Quilt Mill

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Friendship Star Quilt Mill for your home decor, handcrafted by The Cat's Meow Village in the USA from 3/4" thick wood. Purrfect size to add to a bookcase or mantel.


Since 2005, Faline (Cat's Meow founder) has been adding new quilt block designs to the Village.

This Friendship Star Quilt Mill is the next block in our Quilt neighborhood.

Faline designed this 3/4" thick shelf sitter from a quilt she made for her friend to help bring comfort after her husband's death.

Friendship and quilts go hand in hand. Over the centuries, women have shared a common bond through quilts.

Add this mill to your Quilt neighborhood. Tuck it into a bookcase, shelf, or perch it on a windowsill.

This is a perfect friend gift!


We handcraft it from start to finish in our small workshop in Wooster, Ohio. Casper, our black cat mascot, is the official bagger, but he can't do his job due to the no "thumbs" thing, which of course makes us humans have to pick up for his slacking. (A little advice from us - don't accept a job where a cat only means more work for you in the long run)

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