What Adopt-A-Cat Month Means To Us

Here at the Cat's Meow Village, we've got this thing about cats!


Founder, Faline Jones, grew up on a dairy farm surrounded by more cats than cows some days. She added her love of cats to the Village by including a silhouette of a cat within every design.

If you don't know about Casper yet, then it's time you got eduCATed! The black cat mascot that shows up on every Cat's Meow in either  or  is named after a cat who owned Faline when she started her business, Casper.

Faline likes when June comes around every year so she can celebrate Adopt-A-Cat Month by raising a nice donation for our local Wayne County Humane Society.


At the end of June, she writes a check to the shelter equaling 1% of June sales.


Many times this money is used to sponsor cats up for adoption, so new families don't have to take on the whole expense of adoption.


We couldn't resist sharing photos here of Faline and Casper's visit to the Wayne County Humane Society.


Enjoy! And when you purchase on our website in June, you are helping a shelter cat find a furever home!



"Is there a big black cat stalking me?"


As Faline and Casper are playing with the cats, one decides Casper's nose just might taste good!


Big furry black paws are a nice comfy resting spot!


"Will you tell them I play nicely with my paws, no claws, I pawmise!"


"My but you have big whiskers, Casper!"


"So when I go home with my furever family, I need to purr and give lots of licks? Will they love me for that?"


"I thought there was a big black cat around here! Give me a high five, Casper!"


Casper doesn't hold back, he even loves dogs, who love him!

Thanks for looking through photos of Casper and Faline's trip to the Humane Society. If you are looking for a cat to own and manage your home, please remember all the kitties waiting for adoption!


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