Build a village that celebrates your life experiences - from travel destinations to a custom-crafted replica of your home and everything in between.

All About Us

Ah ha! Didn't anyone tell you curiosity killed the cat?
But still, you came to our About Page...curious! Lucky for you, you're human.
[Short-version About Us in 5 Bullet Points]
  • We make little wooden replicas of buildings [including your own home], landmarks, and scenes to help you remember the good times in your life.
  • We design and print the front of our 3/4" thick wood with colorful details, and the back includes written facts or your story.
  • Cat's Meow Village is so named because our black cat mascot, Casper, is hiding on every piece! Crafter-turned-Founder, Faline Jones, has a thing for cats!
  • You buy the Cat's Meows that have meaning for you [including your own home] and display them around your home or office.
  • Rest assured, you are doing business with a woman-owned, pure American company over 40 (LOL). We're right around the corner in Wooster, Ohio!
[Long-version, when you have more time to dig in the dirt]
Little did Faline Jones know all those years ago on the farm with her swarm of cats, that someday her love of crafts would catapult her into a Village with a cat as mascot! (more about that cat below)

Hi there, welcome to The Cat’s Meow Village. We're a small company birthed in Wooster, Ohio in 1982 from one simple wooden house Faline cut out on her grandfather’s saw in the loft of the hog barn.

Faline with her grandfather, Rudy Mullet, cutting on the bandsaw he built from scratch.


It’s over 40 years later, and Jones with her “crew” continue to craft "little wooden buildings" of local, national, and international landmarks that spark memories and kindle smiles on the faces of neighbors just like you.

Faline holds her first handpainted house along with the last one that was retired 5 years later.

Cat's Meow Village owner and creator, Faline Jones


We help you celebrate memories with unique wooden replicas of the places and times you love.

Celebrate and remember your favorite places by including our 3/4" thick wooden keepsakes in your home décor. A few favorite spots where Cat’s Meows like to reside are: perched on top of your window and door trim or wainscoting, tucked into your bookshelves, displayed on your work desk, or sprawled across your fireplace mantle. Our Black Cat Daily Blog includes many stories on how your neighbors decorate with the Village in their homes.


Photo of Faline's beloved cat, Casper, posing in a tree.

And what's with the cat?

Faline mixed her love of cats into the village by adding a black cat mascot to every design. This trademark cat, in either a laying or sitting position, is fondly known as Casper (a tribute to Faline's cat shown here). Keep your eyes open for Casper as you explore our website!  And if you want to hear Casper's side of the story + more about Faline...


We believe in supporting our community and the ones that surround our Village, both physically and virtually. Faline designates the sales of various Cat’s Meow designs to support specific causes. Check out our Rescue Cats and Bible Stories currently supporting causes close to Faline’s heart. Plus, during Adopt-A-Cat Month in June, we donate 1% of online sales to help kitties at our local Wayne County Humane Society.



If you could pick just one?

With so many famous and not-so-famous landmarks around the globe, which one would you say brings a smile and warm memories to mind? Exactly…that’s what we thought…there's too many to pick just one.


And our Village reflects the larger world, too, so it can be a little confusing when you first start exploring. Let’s try to break it down neighborhood by neighborhood. Paw through our Search For The PURRfect Cat's Meow magazine to take some of the mystery out of our Village.


We’ve saved the best for last! It’s our CATillac!

Example of a personal home recreated into a Cat's Meow keepsakeExample of the front and back of a personal home we handcrafted for the home owner.

Did you know you can have your very own custom Cat’s Meow created by us?


Every day we work with neighbors just like you to craft a keepsake representing your special place in time.

Ordering is easy online:

  1. Upload your photos and describe the details
  2. Write your story for the back
  3. And select the quantity you want to purchase (as low as 1)

Our "design architects" draw up your design, then our crew constructs your replica, and around six weeks later your Cat’s Meow creation arrives at your doorstep wrapped in pawprint tissue paper! (time varies due to demand throughout the year)


Maybe you want to create your own home just for you,

  • or what about the family homestead for your siblings
  • or the vacation home
  • your first home
  • or all the houses you've lived in 
  • your children's homes


With so many memories, there’s sure to be others you want to share a special Cat’s Meow with. How exciting would it be to see a family member’s eyes sparkle when you gift them a keepsake wrapped in love?


"Hello! I wanted to let you know that I just got my custom-made Cat's Meow of my home and I'm absolutely in love. I'm so excited, it looks so perfect! I can't wait to show it off to family and friends! Thanks so much! ~Marla S.


We do even more than personal homes, though! Our Cat's Meows make great fundraisers and commemoratives for:


Today, our workshop with a crew of 14 enjoy "traveling the world" as we handcraft and ship Cat's Meow replicas of landmarks around the globe.

(Q) Now, what could be better than traveling the world each day while we work?

(A) Knowing that real-life adventurers, like you, are enjoying memories of special places when you admire your very own purrsonal Village!




I am so excited right now! I just ordered a bunch of gifts for people that I love from you. I am always so proud when I give these Cat's Meow gifts. I especially love the birth announcement. Thank you for all the lovely choices, the incredible quality and an easy to navigate sight. I'm sure that everyone will be thrilled. Cindy Palinkas xox
Thanks for sharing, Cindy! We're overjoyed that you are giving Cat's Meows as gifts. Seems like the purrfect gift choice to us!
"What was I thinking" I just said to my husband as I brought down the large box from the closet shelf. I rediscovered a multitude of treasures in the form of many Cat's Meow houses and accessories that I collected in the 80's & 90's. Also found a tee shirt, waist pack, pin and mug. I love my collection that I alternate on the shelves my husband especially made out of maple above the kitchen windows but now I will be replacing the usuals with the newly discovered. When we would go on vacation my souvenirs would always be from the places we visited that carried Cat' s Meow pieces. We have been many places ! Thanks for all the great memories. Sandy Engelhardt
Hey there Sandy, thanks for sharing! Sounds like you have an afternoon of memories to process with your rediscovered box of Cat's Meows! We love your story! Oh, Casper sends a big warm fuzzy hug!

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