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Hello there!

We're thrilled you've chosen to create an heirloom keepsake of your home (or other significant landmark in your life).

Follow along below to place your order.

[If you want to order 24 or more pieces of your design, GO HERE to place your order.]

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  • Allowed file types: png jpg jpeg.
Quantity1234567 - 1112 - 1718 - 23
What Kind Of Photos Do I Need?
  1. Pick a sunny/overcast day, take photos between 7-10am or 3-6pm.
  2. Try not to use zoom...walk closer to photo details.
  3. Include entire structure you want designed. (Take multiple photos to capture the entire area)
  4. Try for a good, straight-on photo, including all corners/edges of building.
  5. For a building that no longer exists, provide copies of old photos (even black & white) with color designations.
  6. Make sure you're happy with the colors in your photos. We do our best to match your colors.
How Long Does It Take? (5 to 8 weeks total)
  • DESIGN TIME takes 2-4 weeks after we receive your photos + 1 week if you "Add On Artwork Approval" above.
  • PRODUCTION takes 3-4 weeks once we've completed your design. We're crafting from scratch, which takes a little time.
What Does It Cost?

Review the chart above for prices.

Notice we offer 2 additional options (check boxes above):

  1. You can review your design before we craft it for an additional $15. (We've been crafting "homes" for over 25 years and thousands of homeowners trust our design abilities without a final review. However, if you have concerns because of unique features of your house, we suggest adding this option to your order.)
  2. For an extra $50 we can design your home at an angle with photos you provide that way (design includes a corner of your home + 2 sides). Tap on the photos above to see an angled view example. (Over 80% of homeowners prefer a straight-on creation of their home, but we also know some homes just look better at an angle.)
What Others Are Saying

"The custom Cats Meow of our home just arrived.  It is perfect! The look, colors, the entire piece could not have been better! I am sure it will be a big hit at my wife's birthday party on Thursday! Your service from the time I placed the order until it arrived was exceptional!" ~ Gary