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Hi there, come on in! We can't wait to craft a replica of your home.

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Additional Options For Your Design: 
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  • Files must be less than 20 MB.
  • Allowed file types: png jpg jpeg.

Now, for the back description / story (ideas in FAQ below):

Quantity1234567 - 1112 - 1718 - 23
What Kind Of Photos Do I Need?
  1. Quality matters! Make sure your photos are at least 1000px X 1000px or larger.
  2. Pick a sunny/overcast day, take photos between 7-10am or 3-6pm.
  3. Try not to use zoom...walk closer to photo details.
  4. Include entire structure you want designed. (Take multiple photos to capture the entire area)
  5. Try for a good, straight-on photo, including all corners/edges of building.
  6. For a building that no longer exists, provide copies of old photos (even black & white) with color designations.
  7. Make sure you're happy with the colors in your photos. We do our best to match your colors.
How Long Does It Take? (5 to 8 weeks total)
  • DESIGN TIME takes 2-4 weeks after we receive your order and photos + 1 more week if you "Add On Artwork Approval" above.
  • PRODUCTION takes additional 3-4 weeks once we've completed your design. We're crafting from scratch, which takes a little time.
What Do I Write On The Back?

The back of your house is where you make it even more personal. Here are some EXAMPLES to get your creative juices flowing. And, you don't have to fill in every line above, only what feels good to you and what you want to share.

What Does It Cost + Additional Costs?

Review the chart above for prices.

Notice we offer 3 Additional Options (check boxes above):

  1. For an extra $50 we can design your home at an angle with photos you provide that way (design includes a corner of your home + 2 sides). Tap on the photos above to see an angled view example. (Over 80% of homeowners prefer a straight-on creation of their home, but we also know some homes just look better at an angle.)
  2. You can review a paper copy of our artwork before we craft it for an additional $10. (We've been crafting "homes" for over 25 years and thousands of homeowners trust our design abilities without a final review. However, if you have concerns because of unique features of your house, we suggest adding this option to your order.)
  3. Want to add a single person, a couple (both in same photo), or a pet to the front of your home replica? You're in luck. For an addition of $15, you can add 1 extra item. Please upload a high-quality photo of the exact pose you want added + comment where you want them located on the house. For every photo you want us to add to your design (ie: people + pets, etc) change the $15 quantity during checkout.
How do I reorder if I want more in the future?

We always have your design on file once you place your original order. Prices vary depending on the quantity you want to reorder. Please EMAIL or call 330-264-1377 to receive a link to reorder. You'll need your item # found in the lower left corner on the back of your keepsake.

What Others Are Saying

Dear Cat’s Meow -
This past weekend my sister & I gave my father nine custom-made buildings from Cat’s Meow for his 80th birthday. The houses represent his life work, spanning forty years of custom-built colonial homes in CT. The Cat’s Meow replicas were absolutely stunning and PURRfect!! My father (and mother) were completely blown away. Seeing his life work all together on display was incredibly powerful. My family will not only cherish my father’s actual houses, but also these small replicas for generations to come. Thank you so much!   Jennifer R.


"The custom Cats Meow of our home just arrived.  It is perfect! The look, colors, the entire piece could not have been better! I am sure it will be a big hit at my wife's birthday party on Thursday! Your service from the time I placed the order until it arrived was exceptional!" ~ Gary


OMG!!!!    My gift order arrived here in CA on Saturday and my friend was visiting from GA so I gave it to her early!  She LOVED it!  When she was 12 years old, her mother passed away and her mother used to collect Cat's Meow houses.  Now she collects them as that is her connection to her mom.  I was happy to give her her own house and she was FLOORED to know that you can make your own house.  ~ Cheryl Gonzales (PS now my husband is saying he wants to buy one of our house! LOL!)


My family members were so happy to get a replica of the "Haskins House"  ~ Jean Flinner


"Thank You so much for sending the house replica early, wasn't expecting it. It was a gift for my sister's 60 birthday. She was overjoyed and amazed, loved it , loved it. She said it was the best gift I have given her. She now wants to start collecting these. Thank you again, it was beautifully packaged, and the work was beautifully detailed and made with love. I am so overjoyed with the gift and will recommend to all my family and friends."  ~ Marijo Musto


"Hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas.  Must tell you Mom loved the house you designed for her.  First thing she said was about the railings. You did a great job. Thank you again." ~Karen Smith


"Hi,  just received my custom design Cat's Meow for my bosses retirement and have to say I am so thrilled with how it came out.  It’s purrrrrfect!!!  He’s going to love it. Thank you so much for doing this in a timely manner even though you were swamped with Xmas orders.  I really appreciate it."  ~Mary Faloretti


"Well my friends at Cats Meow I just received my order which you were able to complete for Christmas and I just can’t tell you how absolutely thrilled I am!!! It’s perfect!!! Thank you so much and Happy Holidays to all! ~Barbara Kumlin