Here's The Scoop On Casper

My owner...errr, staff purrson, Faline Jones, grew up on a dairy farm, which had as many cats as cows! She loved many of them along the way, from Rocky to Darla to Tigger...but her favorite cat of all time is me!

She combined her love of us felines into her Village by adding me to every design. My name, Casper, is actually a tribute to one of Faline's real cats!

Photo of the first calico cat doorstop Faline crafted in the late 1970's.

But, do you want to know more about this story? The Village actually came from a long line of crafts Faline had been selling over a handful of years…tie-dyed shirts, leather purses, macramé hangings, copper bracelets, candles, etc.  Meoow...that's a lot of crafts!

The last item Faline was crafting before she started the Village was fabric cat doorstops. She made so many, that she decided maybe it was time to get business cards and stationary. Of course, she had aptly named the doorstops, The Cat’s Meow. And she was too frugal to trash the cards and stationary she had just purchased…so The Cat’s Meow “Village” was born and she added me to all her designs.

She designed 2 versions of me. A sitting and a laying   version. So, depending on what my mood is, one of me shows up on every keepsake that's created by the crew at Cat's Meow. But, enough about me....

Wait, no, it's all about me! So I've put together a little photo album of me...just for you! Enjoy!






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