Welcome to the Village


It's so fun to meet new neighbors after the holidays!

It most likely means you received a Cat's Meow gift for the first time from one of our "neighborhood regulars"!

And, if you made it here, but you've been around the block a few times, you're definitely not old news to us! We love you, too! You're a Cat's Meow "super-spreader"!


I'll share a few links below so you can poke around the Village. But first, we have some exciting mews to share!


In September 2022 we'll be celepurrating 40 years in business.


We've been having so much fun creating and making new furiends along the way, we can't even believe 40 years have flown by.

So, we're not waiting until September to bring out the pawrty. We'll be doing things all year long. You'll want to stay-tuned, and make sure you are signed up for our email Mewsletter (the only place you'll hear ALL the Celepurration Mews).


Check out some of these areas on our website:


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Celepurrating life and memories with you,
Faline, Casper & The Cat's Meow Crew


A number of years ago I stopped into a new gift shop I saw in the next town. They had wonderful items for sale and included Cat's Meow things. Since I love cats I was drawn to them and purchased a couple. Bought several and then later on the store moved to another town that was not in my area. So I lost touch with them but now see a way for me to again purchase more. Will be looking through catalog to see what I might want. Thanks.

Welcome back to the neighborhood, Carol. 

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