Samuel Fuller Home-Plymouth Plantation, MA

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Cat's Meow replica of Samuel Fuller's Home, Plymouth Plantation, Plymouth, Massachusetts


This handcrafted 3/4" thick wooden replica of Samuel Fuller's home colorfully portrays life of the 17th century English colonists who settled at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Add this Cat's Meow design to other Plymouth Plantation designs to create a little village for your home. Set the together on a mantle or shelf. Or line them up side-by-side on the moulding above your door or windows for a unique display.

Plymoth Plantation was founded in 1947 as a living history museum to preserve history of some of our first settlers who immigrated to America to avoid religious persecution. Interpreters within the village are dressed in period costume and interact with visitors in their 1627 first person knowledge and view point. Visit their website

Printed on the back of this piece: Samuel Fuller, a deacon in the non-conformist church, was surgeon to the colony. In 1623, he was joined by his wife, Bridget, who was skilled in midwifery.

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