Motif #1, Rockport, Massachusetts

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Cat's Meow handcrafted wooden keepsake of Motif #1 located in Rockport, Massachusetts

Rockport, MA

Motif #1 is the world-renowned fishing shack at the end of a granite wharf in Rockport, Massachusetts. Painters and photographers have made this old fishing shack their subject for decades. The shack was originally built in 1884-85 but was destroyed in a blizzard February 1978. It was rebuilt later that same year according to original blueprints. Motif #1 can be seen just about from anywhere in Rockport Harbor.

Group this Cat's Meow shelf sitter with other nautical themed items to create a little village scene of your own. It's handcrafted in the USA from 3/4" thick wood, with a colorful print on the front and written description on the back. It is also sized perfectly to set on the trim above your doors or windows! Look closely to find Casper, our trademark black cat, sitting or reclining in a purrfect spot.

This Motif #1 is also available for sale at Katie's Gift Shop in Rockport, MA. Please stop into her store when you visit.

Massachusetts State Map available HERE