Huron Lighthouse, Huron, Ohio

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Enjoy this keepsake replica of Huron Lighthouse, Huron, Ohio.  Handcrafted in the USA 3/4" thick wood by Cat’s Meow Village.


The mouth of the Huron River on Lake Erie was one of the first ports of Ohio to be settled. As early as 1749, a French trading post operated from this port, but it did not survive the Revolutionary War. Areas along both the Huron River and Lake Erie continued to grow, and soon Huron, east of Sandusky, had become a large settlement.  As commerce increased at Huron, so too did the need for a navigational aid at the port. The first Huron Harbor Lighthouse was built in 1835 on the west pier.

Huron Lighthouse light is still in use today.  It can be seen over a 12 mile radius and flashes a red light with a characteristic of three seconds on followed by three seconds off.

We're a small workshop of 15 crew members in Wooster, Ohio who love our jobs of crafting replicas that hold deep meaning for you!  Start with or add this lighthouse to create your own Cat's Meow Village!

Look for Casper, my black cat mascot curled up on the front walkway keeping an eye on the local traffic. He is the sign of an authentic Cat's Meow!