Lucy the Elephant, Margate City, NJ

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Handcrafted 3/4" thick wooden replica of Lucy the Elephant located in Margate City, New Jersey


If you've been to see Lucy the Elephant, then you'll want our handcrafted 3/4" thick wooden keepsake of Lucy herself to display in your home, reminding you of that special trip. Look for Casper, our trademark black cat, taking a lazy ride in Lucy's howdah.

Lucy the Elephant, originally named "Elephant Bazaar", was built in 1881 by James V. Lafferty of Philadelphia in an effort to sell real estate and attract tourists. Lucy stands six stories tall and weighs 90 tons. She was more than an object of awe; Lucy was a functioning building serving as a real estate office, tavern, and single family residence. 

By the 1960's, Lucy was on the verge of collapse. Local residents saved her from the wrecking ball by raising money for Lucy's restoration and move 2 blocks southwest. Today she serves as a National Historic Landmark and has been dubbed America's Oldest Roadside Attraction.

A percentage of your purchase will go to You can also pick up a Cat's Meow replica of Lucy when you visit her in Margate City, New Jersey.