Chimney Rock, Bayard, NE

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Cat's Meow Village handcrafted wooden replica of Chimney Rock just south of Bayard, Nebraska


We handcrafted this Chimney Rock landmark from 3/4" thick wood so you can sit it on a shelf, desk, mantle, or wainscoting to remember your trip to Nebraska. The front includes colorful details of this unique rock formation.

The back includes this text: Chimney Rock was and still is a famous landmark for pioneer and modern-day westward travelers. This 325 ft. "chimney" rock formation is recognizable for miles around when crossing through the southern edge of the North Platte River Valley, just south of Bayard, Nebraska.

Our famous black cat trademark, Casper, is hanging out in the grass, just waiting for a hug from Chimney Rock National Historic Site visitors! 

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