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Map of France, France, Paris, Monet, Mediterranean, English Channel, Normandy, Marseille, Cannes, Nice


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How do you generalize about a country with names so famous like: Notre Dame, Monet, Dijon, Manet, Champagne, Degas, Eiffel, River Seine, Rodin, Cognas, Renoir, Paris, Cezanne, Normandy, Napoleon, Louvre, and Bordeaux? The countryside of France is dotted with chateaus, cathedrals, and sleepy cobblestone villages that date back to Medieval times. The sparkling slopes of the Alps cry out to skiers worldwide, while sunlit vineyards invite you to enjoy a glass of award-winning wine or, if you choose, savor a croissant or sip a pastis while relaxing at a sidewalk cafe or on a sun-kissed beach along the Mediterranean.

We handcraft this map of France from 3/4" thick wood with colorful details printed on the front and country details written on the back. Set it on your mantel, bookshelf, windowsill, desk, or perch it on the trim above your window or doorway to remind you of that pawsome trip you took...or the one you plan someday!