Chateau Frontenac Hotel, Quebec City, Canada

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Cat's Meow replica of Chateau Frontenac Hotel in Quebec City, Canada


Out of stock, and we are not planning on reintroducing this piece. 

The Chateau Frontenac Hotel, Quebec City, Canada, was built in 1892. It overlooks the St. Lawrence River and is at the hub of most major activities year round. Its castle-like structure is more than 100 years old and is a well-known landmark of Quebec City.

This ¾" thick wooden replica of the Chateau Frontenac Hotel is designed and handcrafted in Wooster, Ohio to reflect its historical features. You can set it neatly on a shelf, wainscoting, or window/door trim to remind you of a special place you've visited or dream of visiting someday.  A short description is written on the back.