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Rescue Cat 3.5" Tall-Supporting The Humane Society

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Example of a Cat's Meow Rescue Cat created from our color-matching scrap pile and given new life.


We've rescued this cat (and many more) from our sample color-matching pile to give him a new life! Because they are created from our samples, no two cats are alike!! Both sides of your cat will include part of a Cat's Meow design, no two sides are alike, either.

And we're doing something neat with these cats! Every Rescue Cat that gets a new new life to a cat at our local shelter. We are donating $2.00 from your purchase to our  Wayne County Humane Society for the care and lowering of adoption fees of their cats.

Handcrafted in the USA from 3/4" thick wood with colorful prints on the front and back...remember no two are alike. When you purchase this cat, you get him all wrapped up with a completed adoption form. We, including Casper, truly thank you for helping us rescue some shelter cats!

Casper's Campaign Slogan - "A Cat In Every Home"