Mister Rogers, King Friday XIII's Castle

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Mister Rogers, King Friday XIII's Castle handcrafted by Cat's Meow Village, Wooster, Ohio.


If you have memories of Mister Rogers and King Friday, then our 3/4" thick wooden replica will sit perfectly on your desk, shelf, windowsill or mantle to remind you (and your children) of the shows and teaching of Mister Rogers.

This is the story we printed on the back of King Friday XIII's Castle:

“Correct as usual, King Friday.”

King Friday ruled the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and was generally known as a proud, self-important king who just wanted to be loved and appreciated most days.

Underneath his strict leadership, he was really a caring ruler who could always be calmed by his wife, Queen Sara Saturday, and son, Prince Tuesday.

In selecting the King’s name, Fred Rogers thought it would be fun to name his royal puppet King Friday XIII, since so many people are superstitious about Friday the 13th.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, you could always be guaranteed a party on Friday the 13th in celebration of the King.

So, on the next Friday the 13th, tip your hat and say, “Correct as usual, King Friday!”

We handcraft this in our Wooster, Ohio workshop just 130 miles west of Pittsburgh where Mister Rogers' Neighborhood lived at WQED from 1968 through 2001.

We add our black cat mascot, Casper, to every design we create. Look closely and you'll find Casper sitting on the purple stone in the pathway.

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(Licensed by McFeely-Rogers Foundation. This is not a toy.)