North Pole, Cocoa Keg Party

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This adorable Cocoa Keg Party will look cute sitting your mantle, windowsill, desk, or any place else you need to see a little holiday cheer! Handcrafted in Wooster, Ohio by The Cat's Meow Village, just a sleigh ride from the North Pole.


What kind of keg parties do they have at the North Pole?

We got the inside scoop!

News Flash: those kegs are filled with steaming hot cocoa!

I've added glittery snow to this keg party to give it all the North Pole chill. All the better to enjoy the delicious hot cocoa contained within.

Printed on the back:

Darfin and Gantar were put in charge,

The task they thought was not too large.

Refreshment for the party tonight,

Hauling kegs of cocoa with all their might.

I design 2 to 3 new North Pole pieces every year and when they sell out they're gone forever. So, you shouldn't wait too long if you want this building.

We handcraft it from 3/4" thick wood in Wooster, Ohio, just a quick sleigh ride from the North Pole.

Look closely, and you'll find Casper, my black cat mascot, hitching a ride on the trolley. He's not going to get his feet cold and wet!