Christmas Birthday = Cat's Meows

Proud Cat's Meower, Susan Boyer, loves Christmas and Cat's Meow!

She shares, "My birthday happens to be on Christmas day so these lovely little buildings with their holiday trimmings come along just in time to help me celebrate." Because of this special birth date, Susan looks forward to buying the newest Cat's Meow Village Christmas set every year.



Susan has found the purrfect place to display her Christmas sets!

They fit together beautifully on top of her "dear old 1933 studio piano". She enjoys setting them up each year, placing them just right to create that imaginative little Christmas village we all have floating somewhere in our heads.



Her display pictured here includes pieces from the following retired Christmas Series: Dickens Christmas Carol, Traditional Williamsburg, St. Charles Christmas, Hale Farm & Village, Shenandoah Valley, It's A Wonderful Life, Hudson River Valley, Greenfield Village and San Francisco.


A Christmas day birthday for Susan equals a new Cat's Meow Village Christmas set!

Now that's an equation that adds up purrfectly!


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