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Quilts Of Valor Project

Welcome to our 2020 ComMEWnity PURRoject for Quilts of Valor

This purroject is extended into 2021 as we've experienced a little hiccup called the pandemic!

Join in our Quilts Of Valor ComMEWnity PURRoject to make quilts for veterans across the US.


I'm gathering up the neighborhood to work on a community project this year! We're gonna spend some time in the (virtual) Sewing Room stitching up quilt blocks to be made into warm quilts, and if you have a sewing machine you're already counted in.


We're teaming up with Quilts Of Valor volunteer sewing/quilting groups across the country who make patriotic quilts to cover war veterans.


This PURRoject all starts with making piles and piles of 12.5" X 12.5" quilt blocks!


If you want to jump in this sewing venture with us, tap "SIGN UP FOR EMAIL DETAILS" 


Did you know?

Since 2003 the Quilts Of Valor Foundation has sewn and awarded over 240,000 quilts, handmade by volunteers in all 50 US states. Their mission is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor. What a noble cause to participate in! ~Faline


How did this PURRoject come alive?

In January I released a few new Quilt Block items in my Collection and shared about it on Facebook and Instagram.


A beautiful thing started to happen in the comments of this post and a few other posts on Facebook. (tap the photo below)

I pounced on the opportunity to turn this beautiful thing into a ComMEWnity PURRoject for 2020.


I hope you'll join me and fellow Cat's Meow neighbors to see how many veterans we can cover with healing quilts of valor. Sign Up For Email Details to get started. 


Grab your scissors, thread, and fabric and Let's Go Sew!!

Faline, Casper & The Cat's Meow Crew



Tap here to sign up for an email giving you all the details to participate in our Commewnity Purroject.




Psssst - If you have questions, thoughts, or are part of a QOV group, please CONTACT me. I want to make sure that everyone who wants to be involved is included in some part of this PURRoject.


Pssssst - I'll also continue to post updates on this page, showing photos of all the finished quilts and the veterans that receive them, too!



Quilts Of Valor Participating Groups

(These groups will be assembling your quilt squares into finished quilts and giving them to local veterans.)



And, if you want to see my Quilt Barn Collection...