Snowmen Trio @ The North Pole

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Small Trio Of Snowmen handcrafted in 3/4" thick wood to accessorize your North Pole Village. By The Cat's Meow Village


This item will be restocked after January 1st, 2023.

The North Pole story has been unfolding for years around The Cat’s Meow Village. Creator, Faline Jones, conjures up 2 to 3 new North Pole shelf sitters each year from the creative depths of her mind.

The story continues in your home, too, when you add this Snowmen Trio to your holiday décor. 

The resident North Pole snowmen are really 2 men and 1 woman, Roger, Aggie, and Clievace. They spend most of their time telling stories and laughing their buttons off.

Our North Pole pieces are always covered in glitter, because, Faline is a glitter freak! And look closely for our trademark black cat, Casper, listening to the latest story being spun.

Handcrafted in the USA of ¾” thick wood with colorful printed details and glitter on the front, and a poem about the snowmen on the back. Enjoy!

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