Snow Cat Snowman

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Cat Snowman, cat and mouse


Whatever your interest or celebration, we have a snowman for you.  Each piece is cut from ¾" thick wood and will set neatly on a shelf, desk, or narrow ledge such as window/door trim. The snowman is sure to brighten someone's day.

Poem on the back: A curious thing is my pet cat, a walk on the counter or magazine rack. With beautiful eyes and a soft coat of fur, how irresistible is that droning purr. He thinks he's superior, she'll ignore you, it's true. Looking down upon me is their favorite view!

And, from a happy neighbor: 
"Adding another Snowman to our collection . . . the adorable snowman cat.   One for me and one for my granddaughter
Thank you for the joy and peace your share with us. . . . and our two new sweet kittens!"
Bless you all. Gail W.