Nutcracker-Mouse King Castle

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Nutcracker Ballet Mouse King Castle


Clara's dream begins as the tree grows and the clock chimes. Mice fill the room, lead by a mighty Mouse King. The Nutcracker comes to life and gathers his soldiers to fight. The Mouse King captures Clara and the Nutcracker, and just when the battle seems most bleak, Clara delivers a final blow to the Mouse King. He falls and all the mice retreat, mourning the loss of their leader.

Designer, Faline Jones, drew upon her many attendances of Nutcracker Ballet performances to design this 12-piece collection depicting scenes of the ballet as they unfold. Set this castle, crafted from 3/4" thick wood on a shelf, desk, or ledge above your windows or doors.

The Nutcracker Ballet Christmas Story was first performed in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1892. The ballet is an adaptation of “The Nutcracker And The Mouse King” by E.T.A. Hoffman. It was first performed in the United States by the San Francisco Opera Ballet in 1944, and popularized by the New York City Ballet in 1954. This traditional Christmas ballet unfolds a story of a family’s Christmas Eve celebration and revolves around Clara, the daughter, who “awakens” to the world of romantic love.