North Pole, Other Side Of The Coin

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3.625" x 4.75"

Every story has two sides,

Only telling one often divides.

We try our best to tell them both,

That is the Other Side of the Coin's oath!

This Other Side Of The Coin shelf sitter is handcrafted from ¾” thick wood in the U.S.

The original 125 production pieces included a Mexican pesos. This one being sold now has the coin printed in the coin place. No coin is included.

The colorful details on the front also include our famous black cat mascot, Casper, looking for mice in the snowdrifts. Every piece in our North Pole Collection includes glittery snow! The back includes a short poem. 

You can set this keepsake on a mantle, shelf, desk, or perch it on the molding above your window or doorway. Group it with other Cat’s Meows to create your very own North Pole Village at Christmastime.

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