North Pole, Northern Lights Electric Co

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Northern Lights Electric Co., part of The Cat's Meow Village North Pole Collection. Includes glittery snow.


The Pole is pretty dark from October through March, so the blades on the Northern Lights Electric Co. have to work extra hard to keep things lit up.

Elves, Mort and Ernie, are the 2 Master Electricians who keep the windmill in tip-top shape.

You'll need to add this piece to your North Pole collection so you won't be left in the dark, either!

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We handcraft our North Pole Cat's Meows from 3/4" wood with colorful details on the front and a poem on the back. More importantly, these babies come with glittery snow!

Oh, and don't forget Casper, our black cat mascot! He's got a bird's eye view from the second story deck of the Electric Co.