Mystic Seaport Christmas, Spouter Tavern

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Mystic Seaport Spouter Tavern recreated in 3/4" thick wood, handcrafted for your holiday decor.


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If you visit Mystic Seaport you must take lunch in this recreated 19th C. tavern inspired by the Spouter Inn in Melville's Moby Dick

Imagine this ¾” thick wooden replica of the Spouter Tavern, complete with lightly falling snow, sitting among your Christmas décor this year. Add the other 5 pieces of this Mystic Seaport Christmas Collection and become a seaport captain!

We handcraft our village right in Wooster, Ohio, from ¾” thick wood with bright colorful exact details on the front and a written history on the back.

Back of Mystic Seaport Spouter Tavern showing written history of the building.

You know you have an authentic Cat’s Meow when you see our trademark black cat, Casper, waiting on the bench for his next meal.

10% of your purchase goes to support Mystic Seaport.

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