Martini's Bar-It's A Wonderful Life

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It's A Wonderful Life - Martini's Bar, Bedford Falls, PA


George's guardian angel, Clarence, arrived just in time to show a despondent George how Bedford Falls would have been, had he not existed to make a difference in so many lives. Martini's was filled with unhappy, desperate people. George's friendly hometown had changed and familiar people had been reduced to dire straits. In the end, all was restored to George who raced joyously through the snow to reach family, friends, and home.

This black&white (including glitter) Cat’s Meow keepsake is inspired by the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”. We’ve created it for you from 3/4” thick wood in shades of white, gray and black reflecting the black&white format of the beloved holiday movie. Add this piece with the other pieces in the collection to create your own Wonderful Life village. Set them on a shelf, mantel, under the tree, or on wainscoting, door/window trim. 

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