Bedford Falls Trust & Savings-It's A Wonderful Life

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Bedford Falls Trust & Savings Bank handcrafted in wood by The Cat's Meow Village is themed after the movie It's A Wonderful Life


Henry F. Potter, President of the Bedford Falls Trust & Savings Bank, unscrupulously tries to take down the Bailey Bros. Building & Loan when he secretly keeps the $8,000.00 deposit Uncle Billy accidently leaves in the newspaper he gives back to Potter in the lobby of the bank. George, seemingly at his last thread, visits Potter in his office and almost makes a "deal with the devil", but decides instead that his own life insurance policy would be the answer to solve the Bailey Bros. impending bankruptcy.

This black&white Cat’s Meow keepsake is inspired by the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”. We’ve created it for you from 3/4” thick wood in shades of white, gray and black (including a little glitter here and there) reflecting the black&white format of the beloved holiday movie. Add this piece with the other pieces in the collection to create your own Wonderful Life village. Set them on a shelf, mantel, under the tree, or on wainscoting, door/window trim. 

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