Valentine, Bicycle, PURRsonalize Me!


Here's a Valentine to give your sweetheart!! 

Personalize it with 2 names:

  • Line 1 is for the TO: name
  • Line 2 is for the FROM: name

▼​The red arrows on this postcard show where your personalization will be printed

This 2-sided antique postcard design includes a tandem bicycle on the "Path to Love" on the front and Valentine greetings on the back. You add names to make it personal. 

Our black cat mascot, Casper, made himself right at home as part of the antique postcard logo.

See Our Warm Quilt Valentine or Happy Birds Valentine

We handcraft this Valentine from 3/4" thick wood in our workshop in Wooster, Ohio. It sets neatly on a desk, shelf, windowsill, bookcase, or perch on the trim above a window or doorway. Always there to remind your special person just how much you think of them!