Statue of Liberty Night Scene, New York, NY

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Statue Of Liberty, New York, Manhattan, Upper New York Bay, Liberty Island

New York

The fireworks on this night scene of the Statue of Liberty are covered with glitter. This National monument was completed by France in 1884 and given to the United States in 1886 as a symbol of friendship. She is located on Liberty Island in the Upper New York Bay just south of Manhattan.

This ¾" thick wooden replica of the Statue of Liberty at night is handcrafted in the U.S. to reflect its historical features. It can set neatly on a shelf, wainscoting, or window/door trim to remind you of a special place you've visited or dream of visiting someday.  A short description is written on the back.

Look for Casper, our trademark black cat, taking up residence within the design. This is the sign of an authentic Cat’s Meow!