State Map, Hawaii

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Display your state pride with a state map of Hawaii handcrafted in wood by The Cat's Meow Village

6.5" x 5"
Honolulu, HI

It’s all about the name…The name originated from Hawaiki, meaning “Place of the Gods”. While people born and raised in Hawaii, but do not have Hawaiian ancestry are called locals, not Hawaiians. I don’t know about you, but it would be nice to be called a local for a bit and enjoy Hawaii’s lush vegetation and sandy beaches.  

Made of ¾" thick wood, our artist includes the best of Hawaii. Each map comes with its own little red heart, so you can mark the place you love the most. When not holding and sharing stories with your friends and family, prominently place your map on a shelf, desk, wainscoting, or door/window trim. We handcraft this artwork in Ohio, but don't hold that against us.

On the back:

  • The "Aloha State" joined the Union in 1959.
  • State Bird: Nene
  • State Flower: Yellow Hibiscus
  • State Tree: Kukui

Look closely for Casper, our black cat mascot, cooling off under the palm trees...then you know it's an authentic Cat's Meow!