State Map, California

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State map of California handcrafted in wood by The Cat's Meow Village

5.75" x 5.375"
Sacramento, CA

Majestic California has the ocean, mountains, forests, deserts, and farmland.  It produces ½ of all the US fruits and vegetables, while almonds are the biggest export. One thing not to miss while sightseeing is the Giant Pandas in San Diego Zoo. Why not ask someone to visit with a Cat’s Meow map of California?  

Made of ¾" thick wood, our artist includes the best of California. Each map comes with its own little red heart, so you can mark the place you love the most. When not holding and sharing stories with your friends and family, prominently place your map on a shelf, desk, wainscoting, or door/window trim. We handcraft this artwork in Ohio, but don't hold that against us.

On the back:

  • The " Golden State" joined the Union in 1850.
  • State Bird: California Valley Quail
  • State Flower: California Poppy
  • State Tree: California Redwood

Look out for Casper, our black cat mascot, longing where he’s always meant to be… HOLLYWOOD!