State Barn, Oregon

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If you're an Oregonian or you just love the beautiful state of Oregon, then you'll love our barn that includes all the state symbols.

Bird: Western Meadowlark

Flower: Oregon Grape

Tree: Douglas Fir


Add this 3/4" thick wooden shelf sitter to your home or office decor. It tucks neatly into a bookcase, desktop, windowsill or perch it on the trim above your doorway.

We handcraft it in our Ohio workshop where Casper, our black cat mascot, likes to keep us all on our paws. (Ok, so maybe not, but don't tell him he's just a figment of our imagination, he'll get real hissy, and we’ll need to start living in reality, which is not as much fun!)

So, look closely and you'll find Casper lounging in the grass near the entrance door on the barn.