RT 66 -Jackrabbit Billboard, Joseph City, AZ, Route 66

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Wooden replica of Jack Rabbit Trading Post "Here It Is" billboard. Handcrafted in the USA by The Cat's Meow Village.


Continuing to be in operation, the Jack Rabbit Trading Post hails from Route 66 glory days. It's located just outside Joseph City, Arizona.

Billboards like this one lured travelers from hundreds of miles away to visit the trading post. This one is just outside the Jack Rabbit.

Route 66 from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA, fondly known as the Mother Road, was one of the original highway systems in the US. It was established in November 1926.

We handcraft this sign replica in 3/4" wood capturing the essence of Route 66 days of splendor. 

You know you have an authentic Cat's Meow when you find our black cat mascot, Casper hiding on each creation. Look closely and you'll find him nestled down in a shady spot under the billboard.

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