Mystic Seaport Christmas, Charles W, Morgan Whaleship w/tree

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Mystic Seaport Charles W. Morgan Whaleship recreated in 3/4" thick wood, handcrafted for your holiday decor.


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Need a new Christmas decoration this year? Start with this Whaleship, handcrafted from ¾” thick wood in the USA. It’s part of a 6-piece collection representing Mystic Seaport, CT at Christmastime.

The front design is an exact representation of the Charles W. Morgan Whaleship, complete with a tree on the mast and lightly falling snow. It’s just like you’re there, catching snowflakes on your tongue (we know you still do it).

The back includes a history of the Whaleship.

Back of Mystic Seaport Charles W. Morgan Whaleship showing history of the ship.

Look closely and you’ll find our trademark black cat, Casper, perching on the railing waiting for the next voyage of this National Historic Landmark.

Our village flawlessly fits into your Christmas decorating. Set it on your windowsill or wainscoting, or the trim above your doorways and windows. Why not create a village scene complete with tiny Christmas lights on your mantle or tucked on a shelf.

10% of your purchase supports Mystic Seaport.

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