Florida Keys Map

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Florida Keys, Overseas Highway, Route 1, Duck Key, Marathon, Big Pine Key, Key West, Key Largo, Islamorada, Southernmost Point


This ¾" thick wooden map was created to show significant points of interest throughout the Florida Keys area. The back includes a few more written details relating to the map. Set your keepsake map in a prominent location like a shelf, desk, wainscoting, or door/window trim. Use this map to share stories or history with the children and family in your life.

The Florida Keys stretch some 200 miles to become the southernmost part of the continental US and are linked by the 126-mile Overseas Highway (Route 1) which includes 42 bridges, one of which is only 37 feet long and another, the Seven Mile Bridge. Life focuses on the water in the Keys. Living coral reefs, the larest in the continental US, artificial reefs, innumerable islands, lakes and bays all lead to stunning scenery and a tropical paradise. Dedicated to preserving a laid-back nature, the fun never stops in the Florida Keys!