Dinosaur Natl Monument, UT & CO

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Crafted from 3/4" thick wood, this Dinosaur National Monument park sign keepsake will remind you of that special trip you took. Made in the USA by The Cat's Meow Village.


Dinosaur National Monument covers over 200,000 acres of Uintah County, Utah, and Moffat County, Colorado.

This area was found in 1909, by paleontologist Earl Douglass who was hired by the Carnegie Museum of Pennsylvania to collect fossils for the museum.

His discovery lead to worldwide fame and the creation of the Dinosaur National Monument six years later in 1915. Once 80 acres it’s grown to 210,844 acres and continues to lead to new discoveries.

This park sign is handcrafted of 3/4" thick wood with colorful details on the front and the story on the back.

It's the perfect size to tuck into a bookcase, desktop, shelf, window ledge, or any little spot where you can catch a glimpse of it during your day...bringing back memories of your trip to Dinosaur National Monument.

Casper, our black cat mascot, is loafing on the stone ledge waiting for the first park visitors to come.

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