Crohn's Disease Awareness Tree

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Cat's Meow Crohn's Disease Tree decorated with Purple Awareness ribbons


Crohn’s is a chronic disease that comes and goes throughout the lifetime of a patient. The disease can hit at any age, but it’s more prevalent between ages 15-35. As many as 700,000 Americans are affected by Crohn’s, experiencing loss of appetite and fatigue, along with other symptoms. 

Every year Faline creates a tree to support a charity/organization of her choice. In this way, she helps to share awareness of the horrible issues that many of us have to face in today’s world. Handcrafted in Wooster, Ohio, this tree is cut from 3/4" thick wood with a colorful print on the front and a description on the back. Buy it for a friend or add it to your Cat's Meow collection. It sets neatly on a mantle, shelf or desk. Or perch it on your wainscotting or the trim above your windows or doors.