Chocolate Advertising Barn

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Handcrafted wooden shelf sitter of the Chocolate Barn created by The Cat’s Meow Village


This Chocolate Barn is handcrafted from ¾” thick wood in the USA. Add it to your home décor for a touch of nostalgia. The colorful printed details on the front also include our famous black cat trademark, Casper, on top of the door, dreaming of yummy chocolate treats!

  • Set it on your mantle
  • Tuck it into your shelf
  • Place it on your desk
  • Perch it above a window/door
  • Great on wainscoting, too
  • Group it with other Cat’s Meows to create your very own Village.

Though national ads were fading from barn sides, you may be able to find local businesses using the sides of well-positioned barns to advertise their products. If it were only real, this "Cat's Paw Chocolates" sign would send you driving to the nearest store to pick up a box of "purr-fectly divine chocolates."