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Personalize this design with your favorite place to ride with Sled dogs. What about adding your dog's name to the design?   

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  • It’s believed that domesticated working dogs existed 15,000 years ago in North America, while evidence reveals that sled dogs existed in the Thule people of Canada 1000AD ago. 
    A team of sled dogs is made up of Lead Dogs (smart dogs that set the pace for the team), then the Swing Dogs (helps curve or turn the team), next the Team Dogs (used for power), and finally the Wheel Dogs (strongest and largest dogs for moving the sled out of sticky situations). 
    Commands: Gee (Turn Right); Haw (Turn Left); Hike (Let’s go); Whoa (stop); Come gee! Come haw! (180 turn)
    One Sled dog typically eats 10,000 calories a day & can travel at 20 miles per hour.

We'll handcraft our Sled Dogs with your personal message on 3/4" thick wood so you can set it on your bookcase, desk, mantle, window ledge, or perch it on the trim above a window or doorway.