Ski Slope, PURRsonalize Me!

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Ski Slope, PURRsonalize Me!  Front

Are you an adrenaline junkie or one that loves a good hot toddy? If Casper wasn't such a scary cat you might find Faline on the ski slopes with him, if not for the powder, but for the hot cocoa. 

The front of the design is a perfect place to add your favorite slope name or family and friends names.  


  • Heart Pounding Adrenaline
  • The oldest documented evidence of skiing dates back to 5000 BC in Scandinavia. With its name “Ski” originating from the word “skíð”, split piece of wood, in Norwegian. Up until the 1800’s skiing was mostly used for transportation, not sport...
  •  In 1965, Sherman Poppen from Michigan invented the first snowboard. First called “Snurfer”, snow and surfer combined, it was later changed to “snowboard” by Jake Burton when he modified the design... 


Made of 3/4 inch wood, in overcast Ohio. Oh... Casper just pounced on my desk to said it's blue skies and sunny. It's Ohio, what do you expect the weather changes in a moment. Grumble Grumble....