Old Dutch Church, Sleepy Hollow, NY

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Wooden replica of the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Handcrafted by The Cat's Meow Village in the USA.


Quick, what comes to mind when I say, "Sleepy Hollow"? You probably associate Sleepy Hollow, New York with fall and Halloween. And with good reason!

Washington Irving has a lot to do with making this Hudson River Valley town famous for just those things!

Irving chose this Old Dutch Church, and its cemetery, as one of the settings in his famous short story, "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow".

A leisurely walk around this church building and cemetery brings to mind Irving's story, but do you know there's lots of American history hidden here, too?

You won't be disappointed with a trip to this town any time of year!

We handcraft this Old Dutch Church in 3/4" thick wood with colorful details on the front and a short history on the back. Frederick Philipse built it in the 17th-century and through three centuries the original congregation still owns and operates it.

Casper, our black cat mascot, has hidden himself behind one of the bushes to spy on all the history-loving visitors.