Stars Hollow 6pc set (2021 intro)

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2021 edition of Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow available as a set. Also available 7 pcs from 2020. handcrafted in the USA by The Cat's Meow Village.


Buy all 6 of our 2021 Stars Hollow introduction with 1-click.

This set includes:

  1. Taylor's Soda Shoppe
  2. Stars Hollow Church
  3. Stars Hollow Books
  4. Stars Hollow High School
  5. Miss Patty's School of Ballet
  6. Doose's Market

You can see all Stars Hollow here.

We handcraft these Gilmore Girls buildings from 3/4" thick wood with colorful details on the front. 

You know it's an authentic Cat's Meow when you find our black cat mascot, Casper, hiding within each design.

Alway made in the USA!