Halloween, Hairball Hannah's Bake Shop

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Get all your favorite Halloween party treats at Hairball Hannahs Bake Shop. She's famous far and wide for her Batty Cakes, so tastefully crafted with glowing white icing and sugar-coated bats.

But, if you're not into batty cakes, she's got plenty more terror-ific treats to choose - from spider topped devils-food cakes to caramel-covered mice by the dozen (which is always 13 at Hannahs place).

Some nights when Hannah is baking up a storm, you can actually see her magic salamander dough oozing from the roof and windows. Any body got a spoon?

Don't worry though, McKnotty the Tree has been keeping watch over Hannah all these eons and reports that she hasn't burnt down the place yet! 

The remaining question is...how did she get the nickname Hairball???? Hummmm, better check your treats carefully before you dig in!

We craft Hairball Hannahs from 3/4" thick wood in our Wooster, Ohio workshop, and when you turn out the lights, you'll find a few more nightly visitors to the bake shop...the ghostly kind.

And, if you're looking for our black cat, Casper, you'll only find him when the lights are out!!