George's Car Wreck - It's A Wonderful Life

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George's Car Wreck - It's A Wonderful Life


This black&white replica of the Bedford Falls Emporium is inspired by the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”.

We’ve created it for you from 3/4” thick wood in shades of white, gray and black (with a little glitter here and there) reflecting the black&white format of this beloved holiday movie.

George Bailey drives away from Martini's Bar drunk and miserable. Soon enough he crashed his car into a tree.

As George stumbles out of the car, a man yells at him for running into a tree his grandfather planted. At this point, George wanders out to the railroad bridge contemplating suicide.

Add this piece with the other pieces in the collection to create your own Wonderful Life village. Set them on a shelf, mantel, under the tree, or on wainscoting, door/window trim. 

We handcraft it from 3/4" thick wood with a glittery black & white scene on the front and the story on the back. Can you spot Casper, our black cat mascot, in the scene? He's the sign of an authentic Cat's Meow!

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