US Department of the Treasury, Washington, DC

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Detailed replica of the US Department of the Treasury, Washington, DC.  Handcrafted by the Cat's Meow Village in the USA.


In 1800 the United States Treasury moved from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Washington, D.C.  Shortly after the move its new home was destroyed by fire in 1801.  Then again destroyed in 1814 by the Briitish and in 1833 by arsonists.  In 1836 Congress authorized the construction of a "fireproof building of such dimensions as may be required for the present and future accommodations" of the Treasury Department.

The architect Robert Mills was selected to design the Treasury Building which opened in 1842.  Today it is the oldest department buiilding in Washington, D.C, and the third oldest federally occupied building in Washington, preceded only by the Capitol and the White House.

A statue of Alexander Hamilton, the 1st Secretary of the Treasury, is located on the south patio of the building.  A statue of Albert Gallatin, the 4th Secretary of the Treasury, is located on the north patio.

This building of the US Treasury was dedicated as a National Historic Landmark on October 18, 1972.

We're a small workshop in Wooster, Ohio who love our jobs of crafting replicas that hold deep meaning for you! Satisfy your historical decorating itch with this keepsake, and Casper, our black cat mascot thinks while you're at it, add more pieces to make a Village!  He's the sign of an authentic Cat's Meow!