Spring Quilt Cleaning, Quilt Barn Collection

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Add these quilts airing out to your quilt barn collection! Handcrafted in 3/4" thick wood by The Cat's Meow Village in Wooster, Ohio.


Ahhhh, the fresh spring breeze are just what these quilts need from a winter of warming loved ones.

You'll know what quilt patterns are in the quilts when you read the story on the back:

There once was a Cat who followed the Old Maid to the Schoolhouse each day. The Old Maid was Puzzled because she didn’t own a Cat, but the Cat secretly owned her.

Look for Casper, my black cat mascot, hiding behind a quilt as he keeps his eyes on the bluebirds. He's in charge of making sure the quilts "stay clean" if you know what I mean!

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