Olde Pink House, Savannah, Georgia

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Front of replica of the Olde Pink House, Savannah, Georgia.  Handcrafted in 3/4" thick wood by The Cat's Meow Village in the USA.


Built with a land grant from the British Crown, this Georgian mansion, Savannah's Olde Pink House was so named for the beautiful shade of "pink" stucco, which covers its old brick. It was built by one of Savannah's cotton founders, James Habersham, Jr. in 1771.

Afer James moved out, it served many purposes, from a personal home to the Bolton family, headquarters for Union General Zebulon York in 1865, Planter's Bank of Georgia, and now an elegant restaurant.

The building is a fine example of colonial architecture, and one of the few buildings to survive the fire of 1796.

The Olde Pink House is a popular destination for Savannah ghost hunters. Patrons of this now restaurant and tavern claim to have found themselves in conversation with James Habersham Jr., who supposedly hanged himself in the basement in 1799. It is said that his restless spirit frequently wanders around his old home.

Can you find Casper, our black mascot cat, lurking in the bushes in the front of the house?  He is the sign of an authentic Cat's Meow piece.

This ¾" thick wooden replica is handcrafted in the U.S. with colorful details. It can set neatly on a shelf, wainscoting, or window/door trim to remind you of this special place you've visited or dream of visiting someday.  A short description is written on the back.